OBJECT: Insecticides and fertilizers. Disperse proprietary solids into water and provide emulsions with sub-micron particle size. Also, immediate wet out of Xanthan Gum as suspension agent for dispersions.
PROBLEM: Hard to wet solids – gum formed “fish eyes” due to floating on liquid surface.

RESULT: Successful! Placed mixer in water, operated in down-mode and fed solids and gum into vortex for immediate wet out and predispersion. Then reversed into up-mode to complete dispersion.
Followed same procedure for various emulsions.

AB MIXER: SOLD – Model CJ-4B laboratory unit to new division of large corp. Production mixers two C-5-2, 60″ immersion, 25 HP X.P. motors.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Sawblade dispersers

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