MATERIAL: Toner Solution. Premix of Isopar, carbon black, rosin, polyethylene powder and other minor ingredients. Rosin is a very brittle flake.
PROBLEM: Disperse to obtain maximum optical density and minimum particle size.
RESULTS: Recirculates at 15-20 gpm. After one pass, product is 100% minus 20 mesh. After recycling, average particle size about 100 microns. Pieces are rosin and polyethylene.
AB MIXER: Model 3 x 1.5 Dicon toothed impeller/liner, 7.5 HP, 3600 RPM, 1/16″ grid. Recycling to tank.
BENEFITS: Optical density increased. Slurry grinding with Dicon makes fine grinding with Attritor faster and easier.