OBJECT: Disperse hard-to-wet gums at 1.5% to 2.0% concentrations – Carbopol, Methocel (Hydroxy Proply Methyl Cellulose) and Xanthan Gums
PROBLEM: Prewet and predisperse gums without forming “fish eyes” by introducting gum powders in the down-mode. Then prove pumping capability to move and disperse viscous and thixotropic materials.
RESULT: Excellent! AB mixer operated in down-mode to prewet and predisperse. Pumped entire volume of material. Product development manager issued report recommending AB production equipment.
AB MIXER: CJ-4B lab mixer in 15 liter beaker.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Gifford-Wood homo mixer which pumps in up direction only – thus allows gums to float on liquid surface causing “fish eyes”. Also, material sticks to tank walls.

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