OBJECT: Dispersion of food grade Carbon Black (25%) into water, propylene glycol and surfactant (Tween 80). Final viscosity 10,000 cps thixotropic.
PROBLEM: Provide excellent dispersion in minimum time. Avoid agglomeration caused by powder floating on surface.
RESULT: Mixer is started in down-mode in water. Surfactant, Propylene Glycol, are added into vortex, then Carbon Black for prewetting and predispersion. Reverse mixer to up-mode for one hour to achieve final dispersion.
AB MIXER: SOLD – C-3-2, 60″ immersion, 5-3/4″ rotor with 25 HP motor. Used in 500 gallon tank measuring 48″ dia. x 64″ high with dished bottom. Batch size 300 gallons.

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