MATERIAL: Xanthan Gum into water and dry spices with a very small amount of oil to make a low calorie salad dressing.
PROBLEM: Dispersion and “wet-out” of Xanthan Gum powder at 5% solids is very difficult. Very low amount of oil means that viscosity increases very quickly and lumps occur when mixing in the batch method.
RESULT: 5% dispersion accomplished continuously without any unwetted lumps or specks. Smooth high viscosity dispersion obtained very quickly.
AB MIXER: Model D-6000 ARDE Dispershear installed above a 250 gallon mixing kettle with anchor/scraper agitator and propeller mixer.
BENEFITS: Entire 250 gallon batch fully wetted out in 10 minutes. A powder feeding rate of 11 pounds per minute was dispersed into 25 gpm of water/oil/spices pre-mix. Complete dispersion of Xanthan Gum allowed for formulation adjustment that saved on expensive material cost.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Bottom entering, square tank, disc type mixer.

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