MATERIAL: 2% by weight dispersion of Xanthan Gum and Carrageenan powder into water to stabilize fruit slurries with strawberries, cherries and peaches.
PROBLEM: Existing 100 gallon batch mixer took 15 minutes to disperse 18 pounds of gum powder. Some specks on side walls of vessel remained even after 15 minutes. Specks cannot be strained or filtered from finished product.
RESULTS: Complete dispersion and wetting of powder in 4 minutes. Complete hydration of gum powder in a total of 6 minutes. Production rate more than doubled and no dry powder agglomeration on mixing tank side walls.
AB MIXER: Model D-6000 ARDE Dispershear mounted above 100 gallon mixing vessel.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Bottom entering high speed disc style mixer.
BENEFITS: Production rate increased due to mixing time savings. Product quality increased since only fully dispersed gum powder ever enters the mix vessel. Packing gland problem with bottom entering mixer eliminated. Raw materials savings due to complete mixing of expensive stabilizers.

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