MATERIAL: Contents of waste lagoon (coal tar distillate bottoms). Lagoon settled into four layers. Water layer on top. Below the water layer are three coal tar distillate layers: Light oil sludge (LOS) 20% Viscous rubbery (VR) 35% Hard Crumbly (HC) 50%
PROBLEM: Mix and disperse three layers of coal tar distillate bottoms sludge with a small amount of solvent. Produce stable slurry to be mixed with fuel oil for burning.
RESULT: Final slurry dispersed evenly and suitable for mixing with fuel oil.
AB MIXER: Model 6 x 3, toothed impeller/liner, 10 HP, 1800 RPM, 1/8″ grid. Vertically mounted underneath tank.
PROCEDURE: 2.5 Gallons LOS, 3.5 gallons VR and 1 gallon Kerosene hand mixed and charged to tank. 4 gallons of HC (sliced into 1-1/2″ cubes) added to the liquid mixture being recirculated by Dicon at 12 gpm.
BENEFITS Varying viscosity sludges and solid waste turned into uniform burnable fuel.