OBJECT: Disperse liquid color in vinyl resin to make vinyl printing ink. Normally applied to vinyl fabrics for automobiles, etc.
PROBLEM: Maximum color development to required standards by achieving an excellent dispersion every time.
RESULT: 50 gallon drum partially filled with Methyl Ethyl Ketone. C-2 mixer started in down-mode. Vinyl resin is added into vortex, then color. Next, reverse mixer to up-mode for 20 to 30 mins. to complete dispersion.
AB MIXER: SOLD: Five C-3-2 mixers, 50″ immersion, 5-3/4″ rotor with 15 HP motor. One C-5-1 mixer, 46″ immersion, 6-1/2″ rotor with 40 HP motor (for master batching in tote tanks).
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Gifford-Wood (Eppenbach)

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