OBJECT: Paint remover. Requires addition of Gluesol (dry granular powder) into Methylene Chloride.
PROBLEM: Required 1 to 2 hours to slowly “spinkle” Gluesol into 35 gal. batches employing an agitator.
RESULT: A Model C-2 mixer was hoist mounted in a drum containing 25 gal. of Methylene Chloride. 65 pounds of Gluesol was added with mixer in down-mode only. Material was thoroughly dispersed/dissolved in two or three minutes. Process was repeated 20 to 30 times exact same results.
AB MIXER: SOLD – Model C-2 mixer, 33″ immersion, 5″ rotor and 7.5 HP explosion proof single speed motor.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Propeller mixer.

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