OBJECT: Save the batch, later use mixer to produce batches.
PROBLEM: Titanium dioxide had reached the maximum oil absorption level capacity and was so borderline that any solvent or resin added resulted in flocculation. This created severe and unacceptable color float. Original batch size was 1,300 gallons.
RESULTS: A Model C-2 mixer was placed into 125 gallon sub-batches of above and run in the down-mode for 30 minutes. This corrected the problem and material was released for shipment. This 1,300 gallon batch was valued at approximately $8,000. Moreover, it retained the mixer user’s customer.
AB MIXER: Sold – Model C-1-1 Reversible Homogenizer mixer, 33” immersion, 5” rotor and 7.5 HP XP single speed motor.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Cowles and Gifford-Wood.