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MATERIAL: 1-5% dispersions of carbomer powders.
PROBLEM: High percentages of this stabilizer thickener caused viscosity to increase to an almost unmixable level at high percentages. Getting the last several pounds of powder fully dispersed in the viscous mixture is difficult to impossible.
RESULTS: Extensive testing proved the capability of the Dispershear to disperse high percentages of carbomer due to the hydration lag effect. Complete dispersion of carbomer powder occurs before viscosity becomes unmanageable.
AB MIXER: Model D-1000 Dispershear installed in large corporation pilot plant.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Multiple large mixing tanks eliminated since Model D-6000 Dispershear able to completely disperse the high percentage in less than 1/10th the time required for slow laborious mixing. Two Model D-6000 Dispershears at each of three major processing plants able to accommodate entire worldwide demand for well known conditioner brand.
BENEFITS: Major capital cost savings versus multiple slow mixing tanks. Product quality increased since precise percentages of thickener powders can be mixed as formulated.

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