Petroleum Exploration


OBJECT: Oil exploration requires making of complex mixtures containing various powders that require high shear for dispersion and viscosity development.
PROBLEM: Xanthan gum, guar gum, CMC and many other powders do not disperse easily. Laboratory high speed mixers (Waring Blender, Osterizer) work well but do not scale up to large batches.
RESULTS: With an oversized axial flow turbine in a cylindrical dished bottom 100 barrel vessel, components are actively mixed in. As this “wetting out” process goes on an in-line high shear mixer fully dispersed and deagglomerates all fine particles. Drilling fluids are prepared on the fly at the well site to laboratory quality.
AB MIXER: 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER in recirculation loop to 100 barrel mixing vessel with pitched blade turbine.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Square mix tanks/eductor systems.