MATERIAL: Aqueous synthetic detergents, oil and powdered active anti-bacterial ingredients.
PROBLEM: Prepare stable, fine droplet oil in water emulsions. Disperse fine powder active uniformly throughout emulsion.
RESULTS: Recirculates aqueous phase at 10-15 gpm during initial heating. Non-aqueous phase added at 80 deg. C and recirculation continues. Produced fine droplet emulsion. Powdered active ingredients added to tank and recirculated through Dicon.
AB MIXER: Model 3 x 1.5 toothed impeller/liner, 5 HP, 3600 RPM, 1/8″ grid. Mounted below 350 gallon tank.
BENEFITS: Production rate increased 30%. Dicon capital cost versus high shear batch mixer and required tranfer pump provided 20-25% lower expenditure. Final product stable and uniform.

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