OBJECT: Vitamin A emulsion. Provide emulsion with droplet size less than 1 (one) micron.
PROBLEM: Gelatin emulsion (260 to 300 bloom) – proper handling and mixing.

RESULT: Placed gelatine in mixing vessel. Add hot water and let swell for 10 minutes. Add sucrose, heat to 60-70 deg. C and develop uniform suspension without mixing at 2,000 cps. Add small amount of water to prevent damage to mixing head bearing – otherwise material forms sticky film.

Start mixer in down-mode, add Vitamin A in corn oil mixture. Then run in up-mode for 5 minutes.

AB MIXER AND TANK: Model CJ-4B subsequently sold four CJ-4B mixers and C-5-3, two-speed 25 HP motor used in 750 gallon jacketed tank.

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