MATERIAL: Liquid polymers, solvents and initiators.
PROBLEM: Continuously mix non-solvent feed with high viscosity copolymer dope mixture. Copolymer particles precipitate out in non-solvent feed. Control precipitate particle size to 1-2 mm with minimum fines.
RESULTS: Controlled particle size to 1-2 mm. Mixed continuously and uniformly.
AB MIXER: Model 6 x 3, toothed impeller/liner, 30 HP, 3600 RPM, full open grid. Model 3 x 1.5, toothed impeller/liner, 7.5 HP, 4200 to 1200 RPM, 1/4″ grid.
BENEFITS: Controlled particle size. Eliminated loss of fines during subsequent non-solvent washing step. Increased yield 15-20%.

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