Specialty Chemicals


MATERIAL: Fatty alcohol and Ester Sulfate (Sour Ester) for detergent used in shampoos.
PROBLEM: Add Ester Sulfate to fatty alcohol through wide range of viscosities while avoiding gel specks.
RESULTS: Dicon successfully dispersed Sour Ester into 10 different products. Recirculation rate 250 gpm. Viscosity ranged from 30 cps. to 10,000 cps. with final viscosity equal to 1,000 cps.
AB MIXER: Model 6 x 3 Dicon, toothed impeller/liner, 30 HP, 3600 RPM, 3/8″ grid. Dicon installed 2 feet below 5,000 gallon tank. Total discharge head of 20 feet. Sour Ester feed through inlet stub approximately 1/2″ from Dicon impeller.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Centrifugal pump.
BENEFITS: Sour Ester feed rate increased. Reduced process time by 20%. Gel specks eliminated. Saponification cleaner with less generation of “off spec” side reactions.