OBJECT: Disperse gum powder in water to develop (20,000 to 40,000 cps viscosity) gum concentrate and develop maximum viscosity.
PROBLEM: Eliminate “fish eyes” or agglomerates and mix in less than one hour, i.e., 15-30 minutes.
RESULT: Add water to tank, create vortex (by mixing down), feed gum powder into vortex at digestible rate. When powder is prewet (at end of feeding time), reverse mixer and mix against baffle plate to insure complete dispersion. Reverse, in big tank, to eliminate “dead spots” and pump out to color tanks (when finished).
AB MIXER: T-1 for 30 gallon drums, T-2 for 55 gallon drums, T-3-2 for 150 to 350 gallon tanks and T-5-3 mixers for 500 to 10,000 gallon tanks.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: Gifford-Wood homogenizers and Hill homogenizers.

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