Waste Water Treatment


MATERIAL: Waste water stream from a potato chip manufacturing facility including skins, grit and potato “eyes”.
PROBLEM: Potato eyes plug irrigation spray nozzles. (This waste water is directly applied to farmers fields). To unclog spray nozzles, a very long walk is usually required.
RESULTS: Irregation spray nozzles do not plug. Entire campaign of waste water dispensed onto fields without any plugging.
AB MIXER: Model 6 x 3 HD Dicon with abrasion resistant Borotec teeth and 1/8″ discharge grid.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: In-line shredder.
BENEFITS: Large quantities of waste water can be held during the winter months. Even though this encourages the development of potato eyes, the Dicon is able to rip, shred and delump these stringy materials.

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