Waste Water Treatment


MATERIAL: Portland cement dispersed into waste water with hazardous components. Sodium silicate added to decrease solidification time.
PROBLEM: Batch mixing of waste into Portland cement powder for solidification in 55 gallon drums is messy and waste splashes out of the drum. Full drums cannot be mixed since the mixing action will cause overflow. Any leakage of the liquid waste is a large problem.
RESULTS: Portland cement was dispersed at 1 pound per gallon, 2 pounds per gallon and 3 pounds per gallon concentrations into water with sodium silicate. Hardening of the cement dispersion occurred in approximately 15-30 seconds. Hardening that prevented flow occurred almost immediately after dispersion exited Dispershear.
AB MIXER: Model D-1000 Dispershear in pilot laboratory and D-6000 Dispershear for full 55 gallon batch applications.
EQUIPMENT REPLACED: No other equipment was ever able to successfully mix this quickly.
BENEFITS: Instantly non-flowable solidified waste and 55 gallon drums can be filled to the very top.

Product Lines Used in this Case