Model CJ-75-1 Reversible Homogenizer 33″ Immersion Quote

High Shear Homogenizing Mixer (REVERSIBLE HOMOGENIZERS)

Model CJ-75-1 Reversible Homogenizer

"All Stainless"

33″ immersion length shaft with (3) support rods holding 7” dia. rotor housing.
6.25″ diameter, 3 blade axial flow rotor.
12” adjustable baffle plate with control rod and locking handle.
All major wetted parts Type 316 stainless steel except Rulon mixing head bearing (FDA accepted).
Drive shaft directly coupled to 7.5 HP, 3600 RPM, TEFC stainless steel washdown Reversible motor for 3/60/230-460 service. (Starter omitted).
With lifting bracket and stainless steel mounting brackets for bolting to tank spanning supports (support omitted).
Dimensioned per dwg. E9213
Price Ea: $15,741.00
Additional for 7.5 HP explosion proof motor. $2,109.00
Additional for 10 HP stainless steel washdown motor. $2,375.00
Additional for abrasion resistant rotor, bearing and shaft sleeve. $1,857.00
Additional for portable lift stand $7,109.00